Called to be integrated men
for Christ's mission


As friends in the Lord and formed by the Spritual Excercies, we strive to equip ourselves with spiritual and intellectual depth enriched by lived experiences and in solidarity with the whole creation, to spread the of the Gospel among the people of God.


The motto of our house is " ದೇವರ ಒಲುಮೆ ಬಾಳಿನ ಚಿಲುಮೆ". which means " The Grace of God is the Spring of Life". The water in the logo represents Mangalore where Ashakiran is situated. It is here the God's grace is transferred in and through knowledge. The book represents the academic endeavours that happens in Ashakiran. The letters IHS in centre of the rising Sun is the abbreviation of the name of Jesus and it also represents the Society of Jesus.

Welcome to Ashakiran

Ashakiran, which means Ray of Hope, is a study house for Jesuits in formation. At present, there are thirty-nine Scholastics both from South Asia and overseas. Three Jesuit Priests, excluding the supporting Staff, are appointed to guide, govern and facilitate the necessities of the house.

All Scholastics are pursuing their undergraduate studies in Arts, Commerce and Science at St. Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore.

It is an active, vibrant and young community. The diverse cultures, languages and traditions of the Scholastics add colour and beauty to the community life.

The Jesuit Staff constantly guide the Scholastics spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. The Staff is also engaged in pursuing higher studies.

The strength of forty-two Jesuits makes the community the second largest in Karnataka province.

This official web page offers you all information about the activities of Ashakiranites, their creativity and a platform to share your views and ideas.

Different aspects lived out over here:
  • Spiritual Life
  • Community life
  • Academics
  • Apostolic life
  • Home of innovation
  • Entertainment and Games

To integrate the spiritual,intellectual,communitarian and apostolic dimensions of our vocation and to interiorize the elements of Ignatian Spirituality.

Love for the poor, transparency of behaviour, Readiness for sacrifice and hardships, Availability for service to Christ's Mission.

Our Strengths